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The first step in registering your child to be enrolled in SonRise Christian School is to fill out our online form. Please fill out all the fields and submit.  You can expect a call from us within 2 business days, if for some reason you do not hear from us within that time frame please give us a call.

Grading System and Report Cards

The evaluation of student achievement is an important function of the teacher. The accepted grading system is as follows:

A+ = 100-97

A = 96-93

A- = 92-90

B+ = 89-97

B = 86-83

B- = 82-80

C+ = 79-77

C = 76-73

C- = 72-69

D+ = 68-66

D = 65-62

D- = 61-60

F = 59-

An incomplete is given in cases where:

Illness, emergency of prior arrangements have been made AND student is not able to finish the assignment AND per the discretion of the administration and the classroom teacher.

Failing a Class

  1. Any indication of decreasing of failing quarter grades will result in teacher-initiated contact with parents before the end of the quarter.
  2. When a student is failing a course(s) at conference time, the teacher will further discuss the situation with parents to reach a solution.
  3. Students failing a class may be put on a tracking form or an assignment sheet per the teacher’s discretion.

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