About Us

A Short History of SonRise Christian School

This interdenominational school had its beginning in the 1980’s when a group of parents agreed that their children should have a good education with Christian values included.


The first setting was a home and involved only three students. It grew quickly and then was housed in an annex at the Old Country Church north of Wadena. After this the school was welcomed to operate at The New York Mills Assembly of God church.


In the 90’s, classes were held at Blowers Chapel north of Bluffton.
In 1999, the school purchased a beautiful rural property west of Bluffton, built the building, naming it SonRise Christian School. Classes began there in 2000.


Mission Statement:

SonRise Christian School is an interdenominational Christian School which exists to support Christian families by providing an education that challenges their young people to make Biblically sound decisions and be Christ centered in every area of their lives. This is training for eternity.

Purpose Statement:

to provide opportunity for academic excellence in a Christ centered environment

To give opportunity for instructions in Biblical and Spiritual truths pursuant to the acceptance of the dedication of Jesus Christ by the individual student.

To encourage development of wholesome Christian attitudes, values and character

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